Beneath the surface

Beneath the Surface is an exhibition by Brisbane based artist Chrys Zantis devoted to human biology and psychology from scientific and metaphysical perspectives.

Beneath the Surface visually represents the unseen, inner workings of the body, while referencing the complimentary and compelling relationship between visual art and medical science. Heat-manipulated fabric pieces ‘hold the memory’ of objects used to shape the medium and leave pockets of air in their wake, poetically referencing the ephemeral brain-body connection, as well as representing the breath as central to mindfulness. Circular frames recall scientific apparatus like microscope, magnifying glass and petri dish, while textiles form artistic representation of body tissues. The palette is one of muted skin tones and greys, as specimens take on after being preserved, with the artist’s signature pink alluding to the humanness of this subject.

15 Jan - 17 Mar

Redland Art Gallery, Capalaba

Capalaba Place, Loraine Street, Capalaba, Queensland, Australia