Julya Hegarty

​At the End of the Trail

Through large raffia woven panels, Julya Hegarty aim to capture and depict the vivid recollections of her childhood spent in the Yodda Valley, nestled in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. At the End of the Trail features a collection of abstract artworks which serve as a visual diary, a testament to the profound impact that this unique environment had on shaping her identity and perspective.

Each panel is a tapestry of memories, intricately crafted with raffia to encapsulate the essence of Julya’s experiences. The artworks seek to capture the essence of this special place and time, and it is her hope that their abstract nature allows viewers to immerse themselves in the beauty and nostalgia of her childhood home and enjoy their own journey to the Yodda Valley.

Julya Hegarty is a multidisciplinary artist based on the Sunshine Coast whose work is characterised by its unique blend of techniques, textures, and colours. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, Julya’s art captures the essence of her experiences and emotions, offering glimpses into her world and inviting others to connect with their own stories.

2 February—27 February


76 Queen Street, Concord West NSW 2138, Australia