Fremantle Arts Centre

John Prince Siddon

All Mixed Up

Runs Through the kaleidoscope of TV and community, John Prince Siddon entwines contemporary politics, social issues and personal experiences into his surreal vision of Australia. Oscillating between myth and reality, his visions form grand technicolour morality tales for the modern world.

Encompassing newly commissioned paintings sculptures and installation All Mixed Up is full of references to WA’s dark and mostly undocumented history.

John Prince Siddon is a Walmajarri man living and working in Fitzroy Crossing in the West Kimberley. All Mixed Up is curated by Emilia Galatis and presented in association with Perth Festival and Mangkaja Arts. Opening Wednesday 5 February.

6 Feb - 22 Mar

Fremantle Arts Centre

1 Finnerty Street Fremantle WA 6160