Liz Williamson

Alanakar Revisited: An Ari Embroidery Project

Alanakar, a Hindi word meaning tracery, adornment or decoration; metaphorically it represents visual enhancement or value addition. Alanakar is an ari embroidery project conducted by Liz Williamson during an experimental collaboration with artisans in West Bengal, India in 2015. The embroideries were hand made by Zardozi Original, a small enterprise led by Heera Mondal, an exceptionally skilled embroiderer from Katra Village, Howrah District, West Bengal. As a social engagement and design development project, the Alanakar ari embroidery project integrated traditional artisan expertise with enhanced design knowledge, successfully inspiring new design directions for the group.

5 Nov - 6 Dec


76 Queen Street, Concord West NSW 2138, Australia Gallery76