Ai Sasaki: Wayfinder’s Passage 渡りの道しるべ

Ai Sasaki: Wayfinder’s Passage 渡りの道しるべ is a solo exhibition by Ai Sasaki, a contemporary Japanese artist based in Osaka. Featuring Sasaki’s recent works across mediums such as drawings, oil paintings and wood carvings, this exhibition includes a mural spread across the windows of The Japan Foundation Gallery created using royal icing. Through her works, Ai Sasaki depicts scenes in which the worlds recollected from viewers’ “memories” intersect with reality. The theme for this collection of pieces is the Latham’s snipe, a migratory bird that travels from the most northern part of Japan, Hokkaido, to the Tasmanian islands. Although the mural will be dismantled after the exhibition’s conclusion, the artwork will be carved into the memories of visitors, along with Ai Sasaki’s story of the journey between Japan and Australia.

15 September—27 January

The Japan Foundation Gallery

Level 4, Central at Central Park, 28 Broadway Chippendale NSW 2008 Australia