Launching August, September and October. Commissioning Curators: Max Delany, Annika Kristensen, Miriam Kelly.

Six new commissions for the digital realm by Australian artists Archie Barry, Zanny Begg, L.uli Eshrāghi, Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey, Amrita Hepi and Sam Lieblich, and Sean Peoples. The outcome of a national open call for submissions, ACCA Open was devised as a way for ACCA to continue to work with and support contemporary artists during the COVID-19-related gallery closures and disruptions.

Launching on 19 August

Amrita Hepi and Sam Lieblich, Neighbour – a chatbot/algorythmic entity programmed to uncover the answer to the question “how does it feel?”.

Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey, How much time do we have? – a live-generated audiovisual work comprised of breaks, flows, segments, junctures and shifts that is made during the timeless state of the present evernow.

1 Aug - 31 Oct