A Way of Life — Connected to the Land: Mrs Taylor, Mary Punchi Clement and Betty Bundamurra

Presenting rich artworks by three senior women artists from remote Kalumburu, North-West Kimberley. The exhibition Is a tribute to Betty Bundamurra, artist and Kara Kiro art studio co-ordinator and to her colleagues and close friends the late Mrs. Taylor and Mary Punchi Clement.

Connections are made between the artists’ subject matter — lands and paths crossed by ancestral beings — and the history and importance of the tiny Kira Kiro art centre and marks the handing-on of the centre’s running from Betty Bundamurra to Angelina Boona. Co-curator Angelina Boona with Kira Kiro Arts at Kalumburu and Waringarri Aboriginal Arts at Kununurra.

30 May - 4 Jul

The Cross Art Projects

8 Llankelly Place Kings Cross NSW 2011