_this breath is not mine to keep

Emma Hough Hobbs, Carl Kuddell, Jen Lyons-Reid, Johanis Lyons-Reid, Justin Pounsett and Felix Weber.

Globally we are witnessing the extinction of our world, and yet we continue to fuel our demise, so how do we notice our involvement, disrupt the stasis and rewrite the rules?

_this breath is not mine to keep, curated by Jen Lyons-Reid & Carl Kuddell, interrogates how everyday supremacy thinking manipulates our emotions, conceals systemic injustice and sabotages acts of solidarity. _this breath is not mine to keep is a provocative multi-arts experiment exploring 10 stages of grief, delusions of supremacy and the existential joy of life. Ten co-creative installations, including sculptures, bio-art, multimedia, painting and poetry, form an arts trail linking 4 public galleries in South Australia September 2020—January 2021, with print and online publications. At Nexus Arts in Adelaide, ‘Bunker Essentials’, a mixed media concrete installation and ‘Cycles’, an experimental short film and soundscape, explore revolution in ‘The Bunker Age’ of entombment and nostalgia

12 Nov - 11 Dec

Nexus Arts Gallery

Nexus Arts, North Terrace, Adelaide SA, Australia