Aarti Jadu, Inbal Nissim and Javad Kashani

سخن دل Sokhaneh del – language/speech of the heart

سخن دل Sokhaneh del – language/speech of the heart is a collaborative residency that examines the idea of ‘devotion’ or, more rightly, samimiyat صمیمیت, its widened meaning in the Persian-speaking world and, as inspired by the poetry of beloved master poet Maulana Jalal al-Din /Rumi. It’s an idea that encompasses a deep commitment to authentic friendship, conversation, love, community and the search for the authentic self and the divine – qualities that lie at the heart of much classical Persian poetry. The project features multi-channel sound work, community singing and performance by Aarti Jadu, painting and community making by Inbal Nissim, and mixed-media works on paper by Javad Kashani.

From March to June, the artists will collaborate/respond, make, and present a series of exhibits and activities while drawing in other collaborators from the fields of literature and dance. Alongside the exhibitions, community-making and a range of events are planned. The project aims to foster a space for deep and authentic self-reflection, community connection and friendship based on shared principles of humility, respect, generosity, kindness and care for others.

9 March—1 June


39 Sydney Road, Brunswick VIC 3056, Australia