HOME: Drawing by Syrian Children

Art + Book Extract


As a book title, HOME: Drawing by Syrian Children, is at once highly informative and utterly inadequate. This book is indeed a collection of drawings by Syrian children, collated and edited by Australian artist Ben Quilty. But its prosaic title doesn’t quite prepare the reader for the horror, pathos and brief moments of joy that these refugee children have captured with their crayons.

In the twelve pages from the book reproduced with permission below, Syrian children describe what they have survived in drawings and in their own words.

HOME: Drawing by Syrian Children
Edited by Ben Quilty, Foreword by Richard Flanagan

HOME: Drawing by Syrian Children can be purchased online from Penguin Random House Australia or in good books stores. Proceeds from the sale of this book will directly support World Vision’s Child Friendly Spaces, early childhood and basic education projects in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq.