Going to the Footy


Tiwi Islanders are renowned for their passion for Aussie rules football. Melville Island-based artist and author Debbie Coombes is no exception. In her book for young children, Going to the Footy, Coombes presents distinctive illustrations of the various ways she and her friends and family get to a game.

Going to the Footy
by Deb Coombes

“Everyone loves going to the footy,” Debbie Coombes says.

“If the footy is on in Darwin we catch a plane into town,” Coombes explains, “and we watch a couple of footy games.”

Sometimes the games are local. “So,” Coombes says, “from Pirlangimpi on Melville Island we drive to a transition point called Polajarra and the barge comes over from Wurrumiyanga, Bathurst Island, picks us up and takes us across the Apsley Strait to and from Polajarra.”

Or, Coombes adds,“Sometimes we take a tinny down the Aplsey Strait from Pirlangimpi to the Wurrumiyanga community on Bathurst Island.”

Going to the Footy is published by Magabala Books



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