The Glass Houses

Long before Lt James Cook sighted them from the Endeavour, the Glass House Mountains have stood as silent sentinels, silhouetted against the sky. In 2006, the combined ancestral, agricultural, scenic, recreational and geological values ensured the mountains’ placement on the National Heritage List. Taking the period of the 1970’s to the present, this exhibition reveals a multiplicity of contemporary visual artists’ perspectives of the mountains that are never far from view anywhere within the Moreton Bay Region.

Artists include Margaret Barnett, Bianca Beetson, Russell Craig, Lawrence Daws, Marc Kalifa, Johanna de Maine, Martin Edge, Rick Everingham, Joe Furlonger, Ann Graham, Peter Hudson, Kevin Grealy, David Hinchliffe, Sarah Larsen, Mary MacQueen, Joanne Currie Nalingu, Gerry O’Connor, Kevin Oxley, Nan Patterson, Clare Purser, Graham Rattey, Andre Reginato, Gail Robinson, Melinda Serico, Al Sim, Katarina Vesterberg and Robskee Wallace.

Exhibition developed by Moreton Bay Regional Council.

28 Oct - 27 Jan