Spinifex Artists Twenty Years On

With this exhibition, Spinifex Artists Twenty Years On, Japingka Gallery celebrates a pivotal event for the Spinifex People. Exactly twenty years ago, in 1997, the Spinifex Arts Project was initiated at Tjuntjuntjara in the Great Victoria Desert to support the Native Title Claim the Spinifex People had registered two years earlier. By creating detailed maps of their ancestral country, the artists built an irrefutable case for their millennia-long ownership, custodianship and habitation of the vast territory they had had to temporarily leave due to drought and to the nuclear testing that was carried out on their lands by the British Government in the mid 1950s. The artists continue to create intricate maps in these major works that ring with the authenticity born of intimate knowledge of their country.

10 Nov - 20 Dec

Japingka Gallery

47 High Street Fremantle WA 6160