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Khi-Lee Thorpe

Spaces Between Clamour 

Sequestering herself in a small outdoor studio to reflect on the city standing just on the other side of the fence, Thorpe’s series of new paintings are contemplative reflections on modernity and its exigencies.

Through a practice of cognisant observation Thorpe captures unexpected moments the city offers her—the space between the noise, the beauty amidst the chaos. Spontaneous marks evolve into a thoughtful, at times explosive, synchronisation of standout colours and speculative tones, in layers of paint and collage on wood. 

Included in the exhibition, is one new work in which the structural ground is a recycled wooden door. As a continuation of her recent series ‘Home’, Thorpe reclaims objects of domesticity through abstract mark making and collage, creating dynamic tension between colour, form, texture and materiality.

Thorpe’s new series of paintings are amongst the first made following her completion of a Masters in Contemporary Art from the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne University.

Thorpe is a descendant of the Worimi people of the Mid North Coast of NSW and draws inspiration from her cultural heritage when creating her artwork.

19 Sep - 25 Oct

Fox Galleries

79 Landridge Street, Collingwood