La Trobe Art Institute

James Geurts

Seismic Field

Seismic Field examines the relationship between geophysical forms and consciousness, initiating a dialogue between the La Trobe Art Institute and the dynamics of the underlying earth. The works are abstract measuring propositions, exploring these forces physically and perceptually.

Geurts intervenes the processes of scanning and polaroid photography as site actions, letting weather, temperature, force and the pulse of the body disrupt the form and colour field, blurring the lines between geology and technological praxis. The works investigate seismic phenomena and cultural context, amplifying perceptual and physical thresholds of what is, literally, below our feet.

Seismic Field is a research residency project developed at La Trobe Art Institute, awarded as part of the Georges Mora Fellowship.

7 Dec - 20 Jan

La Trobe Art Institute

121 View Street Bendigo VIC 3550