Sauerbier House Culture Exchange

Paloma Concierta and Christobel Kelly

SALA open studios

Sauerbier House is a historic colonial villa converted into visual arts studios and exhibition spaces. The venue presents a rolling sequence of site-responsive residency and exhibition opportunities for local and visiting contemporary artists and writers. During opening hours, visitors to the house are welcome to meet with the residents in their studios, wander the galleries and explore this historical site.

Artists in Residence (July–September):

Paloma Concierta

Paloma Concierta is a writer and maker of things and sounds. She draws on the repetition of the natural world, the everyday and psychology to make works that challenges our appreciation of imperfection, endurance and the absolute beauty of human error. She asks: “The linear traffic of our human understanding is a river of strings. What exists for us inside our wound-up-voids of longing and letting go?”

Throughout SALA, Concierta will host a series of events consisting of an artist talk, open studio sessions and THE SILENT MINDFULNESS OF WINDING workshops.

For more information please visit the Sauerbier House Culture Exchange’s website.

Christobel Kelly: WALKING BACKWARDS 

Kelly looks at the geographical areas around Aldinga, Port Willunga and Red Ochre Beach; landscape that for her is loaded with and codified by memory. Places she now inhabits in dreams. Altered, reconfigured and sometimes unreachable, they have become part of the geography of her psyche. Through writing, printmaking and sculpture this venture revisits ideas around deep attachment to place.

During SALA, offering regular open-studio sessions, Kelly invites others who have a complex associative relationship with the area around Sauerbier House to engage in an open conversation about what is meaningful to them.

Open Conversation Afternoon (date to be confirmed): 

Christobel Kelly will host an open conversation with Christian Lock, Marnie Lock and Vicki Reynolds about connection to place. This conversation bringing to light, personal and societal stories around the overarching idea of how it is that we have formed attachments to the South, in particular the area around Sauerbier House.

SALA open studios is also part of FRAN Festival.


4 Aug - 31 Aug