Ponyland: The big pony show

For this exhibition Ponyland: The big pony show the curator, Sophie Chapman, has selected contemporary Australian artists that follow the tradition of portraying horses as powerful, beautiful creatures in their own right, at rest or grazing in open paddocks. In the twentieth century, as people turned to cars and bicycles to get from one place to another, in many western countries horse-riding became more a sport or pleasurable pastime than an essential mode of transportation. While in Australia the horse continued to be used in stock farming, only recently partly replaced by motorcycles or helicopters, for the majority of young Australians, living in cities, the idea of owning a pony is a fantasy realised by a few.

– Michael Wardell, Art Gallery Coordinator, Logan Art Gallery

The exhibition features artworks by Ken Whisson, Grace Costa, Noel McKenna, Wendy Stavrianos, Sonia Lawson, Mary Walduck, William Robinson, Karan Hayman, Kate Breakey, Richard Blundell, Jenny Watson and Michael Zavros.

1 Dec - 27 Jan