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Peter Blenkiron

Peter Blenkiron: Putting the pieces of the self together one moment at a time

Ballarat child abuse survivor and advocate Peter Blenkiron has described himself as a damaged man, working full-time to find healing from the abuse suffered at the hands of a St Patrick’s College Christian Brother when he was eleven years old.

A former electrician, Peter has spent over a decade working to rewire the remnants of his complex post-traumatic stress disorder affected brain. Capturing his journey of healing through the lens of a smart phone, this photographic diary offers rare insight into the inner world of a child abuse survivor as he slowly learns to re-inhabit his body and mind. Navigating his scarred neural pathways, he looks for fragments of light in the darkness.

The exhibition includes videos recorded in Rome documenting Peter’s intensely personal reflections to the Royal Commission Hearings in March 2016, and a short film by exhibition curator/producer Vanessa Beetham and filmmaker Andrew Sully documenting Peter’s story and the evolution of the exhibition.

The exhibition also features a series of twenty-six portraits of Ballarat survivors and advocates, painted by Archibald Prize finalist Daniel Butterworth who was inspired to create them after seeing Peter Blenkiron’s photographs at Vox Populi Gallery, Ballarat, in October last year.

The exhibition is part of No More Silence Week, 22–27 May.

13 May - 11 Jun

Art Gallery of Ballarat

40 Lydiard Street North Ballarat VIC 3350