Lee Kun-Yong: Equal Area

20 January—25 February

Equal Area presents the work of Lee Kun-Yong, one of Korea’s most seminal conceptual artists, charting the development of his visual and theoretical methodology that has expanded possibilities for performance art since the 1970s. Lee is widely acclaimed for his innovative series of performances that examine the the connection between the logic of the mind and the gestures of the body.

Throughout his career, Lee has investigated the connection between the human psyche and action through the act of performance and reperformance. His performances often test this relationship through the act of repetition, demonstrating how the construct of logic is subjective to its locale — slight shifts in each performance capture the body within present moments, leaving traces of an ‘event’.

20 Jan - 25 Feb

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

181 Hay Street, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia