Know Your Neighbour

A group exhibition considering the migratory condition and experience in new places. It wasn’t far back in the world’s memory that people could move as freely as the capital they generated. Today that movement is curtailed by barriers, camps and detention centres built provisionally or makeshift in unvalued spaces, yet becoming more and more permanent. Fundamentally we share the common experience of arriving in a new space, city or land. Yet the details enveloping this arrival hinge enormously on age, religion, wealth, culture and education.

The group exhibition Know Your Neighbour explores migration in a contemporary moment where the movement of stateless peoples worldwide proportionately rivals that of the post WWII era.  Artists explore perspectives of ‘arrival’, using domestic and international experience as a reference point and departure for enquiry.

Artists: Abdul Abdullah, Susan Cohn, Ella Rubeli, Hannah Furmage, Shireen Taweel, Oliver Hartung, Seamus Heidenreich, Mehwish Iqbal, Safdar Ahmed and Refugee Art Project.

Curated by Ineke Dane.

18 Mar - 23 Apr

The Lock-Up

90 Hunter Street Newcastle NSW 2300