Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP)

Julie Davies and Alex Rizkalla

Fruits of Our Labour

Julie Davies and Alex Rizkalla have collaborated over a 20-year period whilst maintaining individual practices and collaborations with others. Their co-authorship developed from the idea of two people working together and the possibility of collaborative projects emerging, in their case it was a sort of fusion; certain circumstances, sustained dialogue and joint research often result in the situation where on completion of a project the authorship was so enmeshed that the work naturally cannot be considered outside of collaboration.

The persistent thread that runs through their work starts with the intersecting interests of art, nature and science but equally valued are the dialogue and methodology – the doing, looking, recording and studying. Davies and Rizkalla have over many years built an iconography of objects in their distinctive ways, but in their collaborative works they subtly shift the emphasis onto the relationships between the process and the product – be it fruit or art – it is the eating and the digesting, the topic and the conversation that the works invite the viewer to be a part of.

– Elvis Richardson, 2017

This exhibition is made possible with the very generous support of Margaret Rizkalla who commissioned the production of the Bonsai into bronze and to Meridian Foundry, who made its realisation possible.

4 Aug - 17 Sep

Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP)

404 George Street Fitzroy VIC 3065