Dwelling Poetically: Mexico City, a case study

An exhibition which considers the ways artists and cities mutually transform each other. One of the great cross-roads of north America, Mexico City has taken prominence not only as one of America’s most populous urban centres, and as Latin America’s strongest economy, but as a node of rich and potent cultural production thanks in part to a whole generation of artists from the ‘90s through to the burgeoning, much-discussed contemporary scene.

Dwelling Poetically proposes a portrait of the Mexican capital through a selection of artists that live there, have lived there, or have only passed through, and yet have nevertheless contributed to its composition.

Developed by guest curator Chris Sharp, assisted by Fabiola Talavera, Dwelling Poetically: Mexico City, a case study presents new and existing work by: Francis Al.s, Andrew Birk, Ramiro Chaves, Isabel Nu.o de Buen, Martin Soto Climent, Chelsea Culprit, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Ektor Garcia, Yann Gerstberger, Jaki Irvine, Kate Newby, Melanie Smith.

21 Apr - 24 Jun