Basketry NSW

From the Latin divertere, meaning ‘turn aside’, diversion has several meanings in modern English. A diversion can be a means of turning something aside from its course, departing from the usual route, or reallocating something for a different purpose. A diversion can be an enjoyable activity that lifts the mind above tedious concerns. To create a diversion is to deliberately draw attention in a particular direction, or distract attention from something else. In this exhibition, Basketry NSW members present striking and whimsical fibre works in response to the theme of diversion.

Artists include Nicole Robins, Lissa de Sailles, Desdemona Foster, Trudi Nisbett, Brenda Livermore, Flora Friedmann, Nanette Goodsell, Lanny Mackenzie, Judy Nolan, Sue Anderson, Jillian Culey, Carolyn Cooper, Jan Hook, Glenese Keavney, Meri Peach and Sally Blackwell.

Opening Wednesday 4 April, 6pm–8pm.

4 Apr - 28 Apr

Gallery Lane Cove

Upper level, 164 Longueville Road Lane Cove NSW 2066