Digital – The World of Alternative Realities

Digital – The World of Alternative Realities is an exhibition of digital media selected from the JAHM collection. Highlighting digitally generated artworks in formats ranging from prints, photography, sculpture and video. This exhibition will explore the virtual worlds constructed by the artists, examining the notions of alternate universes, dystopian visions, through to providing social commentary on our existing world.

Artists: Gregory Bennett, Richard Blackwell, Stephen Bram, Michael Candy, Daniel Crooks, Peter Daverington, Simon Finn, Stephen Haley, Tristan Jalleh, Jacob Leary, Ollie Lucas, Tim Maguire, Shannon McGrath, Gordon Monro, Catherine Nelson, Greg Neville, Jiang Pengyi, Paul Snell, Debbie Symons and Yang Yongliang.

16 Feb - 4 Jun

Justin Art House Museum JAHM

3 Lumley Court, Prahran