Contemporary Collection

Lara Scolari welcomes you to her studio/gallery and creative space located in the heart of the Sydney harbour side village of Balmain. In Scolari’s latest paintings, multilayered organic forms create an enlivening space for contemplation, and a resting place for thoughts. Scolari is interested in how energy informs the painting and viewing process. When creating works, she finds herself transforming from a state of active energy into one of serene immersion. Her paintings also provide a space for the viewer to engage with this spectrum of energy: from vitality to calmness. They share the nuances of her thought processes, and create a place to retreat to, to muse and meditate, like being immersed in music.

15 Oct - 23 Dec

Lara Scolari Gallery

48 Beattie Street Balmain NSW 2041