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Helen Wright

Competing Interests

Wright describes the fantastical worlds she has created for her latest exhibition Competing Interests as “an uneasy coalition between natural and man-made environments that we all have to live in”. These recent paintings, drawings, prints and cast sculptures are playful, but perhaps act as a subtle reminder of the fragile balances involved in our relationship with the natural world.

Intricately rendered drawings in graphite and coloured pencil describe a world in which disparate elements come together to form precarious towers. The fragments of architecture, detritus, and organic materials making up these structures are based on observational drawing, with noticeable inspiration from botanical and children’s book illustration, creating scenes that are at once historical and futuristic in appearance. Her towers are stacked high, creating a fine balance, but one can stack this pile only so high before it topples.

4 Apr - 29 Apr

Niagara Galleries

245 Punt Road Richmond VIC 3121