CAVES Off-Site

CAVES is a curated, not-for-profit art space in the Nicholas Building in Melbourne CBD, established in 2014 by Storm Gold and Kez Hughes. CAVES Off-site expands Gold and Hughes’ interest to curate and exhibit in spaces beyond the CAVES gallery walls.

Artists: Olga Bennett, Lily Benson (USA), Fernando do Campo (USA/AUS), William Daniels (UK), Naomi Eller, Andrea Jewel, Annika Koops, Alex Pittendrigh, Daniel Sinsel (UK), Ross Taylor (UK), Michelle Ussher (UK/AUS), Anna Varendorff, Rudi Williams, Zilverster (Sharon Goodwin & Irene Hanenbergh).

Curated by Storm Gold and Kez Hughes.

24 Mar - 29 Apr


1 Market Street Newport VIC 3015