Latrobe Regional Gallery

Denis Beaubois

Bound by Time

This exhibition brings together works by Beaubois created between 2011 and 2017. Underpinning the exhibition is the currency project where ideas and logic from economics and capitalism were used to devise and create artworks. These works attempt to coexist in economic, artistic and ethical space. They unsteadily navigate and question the boundary where the conceptual and the financial cross what is deemed as ethical. From the precarious nature of state sponsored art funding, to validation of artistic merit from the art market, this body of work looks at the charged relationship we, as a society, have with money. The second project, titled No longer adrift, Composite territories explores the idea of settlement and assimilation through the negation of the past. It references the theme of migration and displacement from the perspective of the discarded fragment and plays with the formation of composite territories using dust.

15 Jul - 17 Sep

Latrobe Regional Gallery

138 Commercial Road Morwell VIC 3840